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  • Association à Saint-Malo
  • Association à Saint-Malo
  • Association à Saint-Malo

deco titreOur vision of tourism

Our actions are based on commitments to a project, a social and societal vision, and a professional ethic.

They are anchored in a membership of the Social and Solidarity Economy, a way of being and acting, whose actions are based on the following principles

A social mix based on the desire for diversity of welcome.

A universalist and solidarity-based vision of social action, where each individual is considered as a "responsible actor", whatever his or her situation.



  • A balance and a resonance between intimate and collective places. 
  • A quality of reception, accompaniment and services offered to the public, through a professionalization of the staff, buildings adapted to the expectations and in conformity with the regulations.
  • Employees involved in the life and functioning of the Center.
  • An ambition that develops in a sustainable economy and respect for the environment.

Association à Saint-Malo

Our network

Our Association is at the heart of a rich and diversified partnership, necessary for the development of our project and our activities.

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